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Born and raised in a small town in Kwazulu Natal called Pietermaritzburg, a poor but humble background with all odds against me and my family, I had to face challenges daily and deal with them. At the tender young age of about 10, I had the opportunity of going out every morning, very early with my siblings to sell Samoosa's and Murukku that my mum had made.

With the money we made, we could buy bread, which our lunch was made from. Some days we had no sales, which meant no lunch. During the latter part of my school years, I worked part time as a PA (PA = Petrol Attendant/Bowser Boy) and at a grocery store to earn extra cash to help my family. In 1989, I completed my Grade 12 but did not pass. It was a horrible time for me and I almost cost myself my life. I then had to face reality, people and the world. Thank God that within my community, people did not bother much about my situation as they had their own problems.

... I slowly realised that I needed to be thankful and grateful, as it was a lesson well learnt. Besides, my parents did not have the funds for me to further my education, life was tough and this would have drained them more. God has always been by my side, the same year I got employment at Lipton Tea as a Packer/Sweeper. I took on the job with open arms just to get a salary and help my parents. I DID WHAT IT TOOK! It was here that I began to realise that this is not what I wanted to do for the rest of my Life. The tough conditions made me stronger and more motivated to do BETTER with my Life. I started working extra time to get more money and study while working. This lead to me moving between various positions within the company until I transferred to Unilever Boksburg in the year 2000 as a Technical Engineering Buyer.

This was a Game Changer for me, I worked extremely hard and self-studied which lead to me getting one of the highest qualifications in the IT world...I became SAP Certified, all on my own hard work and perseverance. The reason why I say this was a Game Changer is that it allowed me to leave my comfort zone as a permanent employee into a contractual role, yes working for myself.

This also got tough at times but the freedom outweighed anything else. Prior to me being SAP Certified, I also got my Production Management and Purchasing/Supply Management Diploma’s. I was still not satisfied and had loads of energy in ME! I decided to venture further into the MLM - Multi-Level Marketing space and was successful in the three programs I did. They say Life happens and YES, it brought me down to size once again in 2015 when I had no work for over a year and a half. This was one of my biggest life challenges ever as I found myself unable to provide for my family.

This was tough and I pressurised myself even further because I felt hopeless. I thank God for my wife Seema who has been a pillar of strength and support to me, and my children who stood by me during this time. The biggest lesson I learnt from this was that when you fall down...lying on your are still looking up to the sky and one should not give up so easily. I decided I AM NEVER GOING TO GIVE UP! I kept my prayer and my sanity intact, and started to pick myself up again. In 2015, I also founded #straighttalkwithnolan but did not do much with it although I had the time.

I had the ideas and the plan with the project but had no heart for some reason to pursue it. Life did get better, I was called by a friend and offered at position at one of the biggest companies globally ABInBEV. I accepted the opportunity because I needed to put food on the table and make sure my family has a place they can call home. Forward wind to 2018, #straighttalkwithnolan is back in action and will be officially launching in January 2019.

This is the most exciting project I have ever worked on because it allows me to work on MYSELF first and then help others work on THEMSELVES! This program is based on the daily challenges we face and how we can handle them better. We are all individuals in our own right and we owe it to ourselves to be the best version of ourselves. No one is going to change our mind-sets, we have to adapt and make the decision alone. This is where my program will help you make those hard felt decisions.

I have been involved in many self-development programs like Millionaire Mind Intensive, Enlightened Warrior Power, Train the Trainer and often attend motivational talks. Now is the time to give back to Africa. My Mission and Vision: To Change Lives in Africa and then Globally through Education, Knowledge and Empowerment. My Personal Motto – Go Forth and Conquer!


Climb Kilimanjaro

My Mt Kilimanjaro journey - Scaling the heights of success! Summitting Africa's highest point and the World's highest free-standing mountain was no easy challenge, but the quest to raise awareness and funding for girls who are in need of sanitary pads was well worth the training and the risk of our lives. The journey was done as part of the Trek-4-Mandela expedition, in partnership with Imbumba Foundation. Our journey started on the 13th July and ended on Tata Madiba's birthday. Summit night meant leaving camp at 11pm on the 17th July and summitting at 10:30am on Madiba's birthday. That meant 11 and a half hours of walking in the cold, windy night until sunrise he next morning. The feeling overall was priceless. Mission accomplished.


Enlightened Warrior's Power

The Enlightened Warrior Program was a three day 10 hour plus program. It covered "How to Access your True Power and Succeed in Spite of Anything". For many, life has become more about what they can’t do rather than what they can do. The truth, however, is that you are far greater than you think and have truly amazing potential. The key is to tap into your higher self and unleash your full capacity for success and happiness. The picture with me represents a steel rod which my partner and I bent just by understanding how powerful our mind is.


Millionaire Mind

The Millionaire Mind Intensive program was a 3-day in-person course. It is designed to teach you proven ways to manage your money effectively, create financial opportunities for more income, and overcome the limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings that keep you from the wealth, abundance and freedom you deserve and desire. I attended the event with my wife Seema and we were both astounded at him we limit our minds daily. The event for me personally was a game changer and I have since discovered areas in my life that have been holding me back financially and learnt ways to change them - right there, right then!


Project Rise

Rise Against Hunger meal packaging event is a fun and engaging way for volunteers to be part of the drive to end child hunger. Rise Against Hunger is a programme of meal packaging events, where volunteers package the meals. The meals are highly nutritious and comprise of rice, soya, dehydrated vegetable mix and a fortification pack of 23 essential minerals and vitamins specifically formulated to combat malnutrition (complying with the UNICEF standard).

I'm Pranisha, 34 years and mother to 2 wonderful girls. I am currently a teacher, teaching Chinese people how to speak English. I had also taught at schools both primary and secondary. Teaching was never ever a thought of mine, in fact I wanted to go into corporate or be a police officer. Before this stage of my life, I went through a very turbulent phase in my life which started in my early 20s going up to the age of 30. This was due to life choices that I made and also, I felt I was just attracting bad things to happen to me. I have been through heavy depressions, suicidal behavior (before my children were born), and neglecting myself which caused my life to become stagnant. At this time, I was working for a cellular company which basically wore me down and was not bringing me any joy. This is when I met my then husband, married and had my two girls. I felt no joy in my life even after marriage due to marital problems which resulted in a failed marriage that just added to my depression. I had left work when my little one was born, and life was not easy as finances were running out. I was filled with so much negativity and felt that there was this huge void in me, and I cried every day, especially now with a marriage that turn toxic and was becoming abusive. Living in misery for so long, I looked at my children and realized I need to make a change for them to show them what they need to be happy. The first thing I did was separate from a toxic relationship, so I left. The next step required me to change my whole mindset, to train my mind to see the good and be positive. This required me to do things that will empower me and help me mentally. I started exercising, partaking in races, stopping myself from any negative thoughts and building myself up physically and mentally. It was in this time that I realized that I wanted to also do something to also motivate and advise others in helping them out of their depressions. So, I decided to become a teacher as I felt that this was the best platform to make a difference. I then started studying again and got a job as an online teacher which helped so much. 4 years down the line this year I graduated with my degree and being a single mum to my kids. The moral of my story is that anything can be achieved when you are determined, and when you are determined there is no option for failure. The energy you put out is what you get back so if you are positive and see the good in everything and learn from the bad, you will be able to pick yourself up every time and make yourself a better person. Any situation even if it's one that you feel where you are sinking so deep and can’t get out, you can get out and turn it around. I have just given you a mild version of my story because there have been disturbing times but all it does is make you stronger. I am not where I want to be, but I'm very far from where I used to be, I have never felt more happier with myself. I have built myself up and am teaching my children how to do so too and now that I'm in my best place to date, I want to help others and take them out of their dark and difficult times and help them realize that they have all the power inside of them. Thank you

Jabulane Hope Thabethe (24) is a philanthropist from Johannesburg Katlehong Gauteng who established Barefoot Walk (Walk for change) under the Hope for Africa foundation which also discovered in 2016? Hope for Africa Foundation was driven by his Mother's Death which left him dry& Hopeless, after feeling this way, he thought of how many kids are going through hopelessness and loneliness without anyone to guide nor even show them love. Barefoot Walk initiative was and is driven by the increasing number of kids who walk long distances to school others barefooted others with improper school shoes not because they like but because of the situation , tolerating and getting used to being laughed at because they have a dream& a mission to accomplish which is to keep going with this initiative , he want to get into depth with it& Provide Full school uniform so to give a little motivation to kids. 2016 & 2017 He walked from Katlehong east of Johannesburg to Durban raising school shoes and sanitary pads. He has already taken this out from South Africa to our neighbouring Countries Lesotho, Botswana & East Africa Kenya, so far as the foundation have helped over 3862 kids across South Africa and Africa Restoring humanity. So, the next generation will not watch one another giving up on their dreams because of not having simple things. REBUILDING THE SPIRIT OF SHARING Recently he was among the top 100 Shinning stars in City of Ekurhuleni and he is currently an advocate of peace appointed as a assistant country director at global peace chain South Africa and 2016 won SA upcoming Leader of the year at SA Awards.

I’m confident, compassionate full of life and live my life to the fullest. Born in Namibian and will always be one, it’s in my blood, love the beautiful open spaces, the cleanliness of my country and all its friendly people. I’ve lived in South Africa for the past 24 years. Founder and Director of Le’JFab inspired by fabulous women, owner of the company PFT Creations establish 2016, and a member of Glow Getters establish January 2018. Women empowerment movement. I offer my time and assist to community projects and are part of my local Spar community project to assist them collecting blankets, food parcels and go out to Thembisa for a soup kitchen and volunteer my assistance to these projects. I’m currently have a campaign running, Heels & Jeans with a twist of Kizomba in the mix and have a lot of love for this dance. I truly believe it brings out the “Inner Goddess” we all have as women. I’m a true believer in myself and want to make people feel wonderful about themselves, love yourself and be kind to yourself. Live your life to the fullest, make a statement in life that people can remember you not for what you give them but the impact you made in their lives. The lessons you learn and the journey you went through. That’s my Motto in life. I draw inspiration from other women and stand to empower women. I believe women have so much power and if we stand together, how much power we share and could do if we unify as ONE. My background is that I hold a Diploma in Marketing, Human Resources and work for 6 years as an events and marketing co coordinator at Coca Cola Namibia Beverages’ before I relocated to SA in 1997. I still do have family and lots of friends that keep me grounded. I’ve worked for big corporates’ likes of Alexander Forbes, Anon, Ernst & Young, Sasol, ABSA, Health Care Consultants and Eskom. I’m currently employed as the Office & Human Resources Manager for an international company Makon Group, but my passion is still events and Marketing. I love it with all my Heart.

Quote: “You will find true success and Happiness, if you have only ONE goal” To fulfil the highest most truthful expression of yourself as a human being. You want to max out your humanity by using your energy to lift yourself, your family and the people around you. - Oprah Winfrey

Life has challenged me so much, I am a young man who has faced a lot in life. I have a lot to tell but I will be brief. When I was a young boy, I lost four family members my father, mother, brother and older sister within the period of 5 years. I did not get a foster care or social grant due to family conflicts.Me and my young sister, we did not have any income in our home, but we had to take care of my older sister's children that she left when she died. My young sister had to look for a job so that we could eat.It was very hard for me to continue with the school because I had to beg for the school uniform from other children, knowing that you will go to school hungry and come back still not having something to eat is very hard. Some days we were going to bed without eating anything.I decided that I will finish the school and go to look for jobs because I am the only hope my family has. After getting better result in my matric I went to WITS university to do computer science that where I met the guy called Nolan. when I met Nolan, I was: Afraid of facing the real world I thought I was not strong enough, I was confused about my life I did not know if I should go for jobs so that I can put a bread in the table for my family or must I continue with school. I was afraid to tell my family that I do not like computer science because they thought It the best career for me. I had the low self- esteem and low self-confidence I thought I could not speak English as I learnt in rural Areas. Nolan was my internet with all answers I needed, he showed me the little bright side of my life. Even now I am still moving because he keeps on chasing me, he keeps on motivating me that why I am still moving. I am a better person and I decided to go on with my education, I am living a positive life now and I can help others. I am using Nolan’s daily quotes to face daily challenges, they are very powerful. NOLAN DONT GO AWAY MAN, I STILL NEED YOU…



“Thank you, Nolan for your commitment and guidance to Molefe and your mentorship program, that has given this young man much belief and confidence in his capabilities of reaching, his goals and aspirations.”

“Molefe joined the class on the 26th of February 2018. From then onwards, he was never absent from school, unless on the days of him collecting his medication at the Clinic. (for Epilepsy) He was enthusiastic and eager to learn more in his Mathematics and Physical Science Lessons. No wonder that in our last revision before the final exam, he topped the class. I strongly believe that this mentorship course helped motivate him, in life in general, as well as in his commitment to his studies. ”

“His motivation and goal is to open a business, where he can employ others. I have every confidence that with the encouragement, skills and leadership and mentorship guidance, he has received from Nolan and the mentorship program, he will succeed. Here is a true leader and his success is in the making. ”


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